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Since 1981 'Marañon' has been Europe's leading brand for hammocks, hanging chairs and hammock stands . Through our dedicated retail stores in the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland and e-commerce sites and distributors in most West European countries, ' Maranon' has direct contact with their customers and can therefor tune into people their specific needs and demands. Our collections are based on today's trends within garden and home design and offer world's largest range of traditional Central and South American hammocks and hanging chairs. We also provide to our customers a large range of European designed hammock and hanging chair stands and a wide range of cotton and syntetic mosquito nets in various sizes, colours and designs.

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'Marañon' only stocks the best quality South and Central American hammocks. From net hammocks made in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, hand made hammocks of the Wayuu indians from Colombia up to colourful Brazilian hammocks with macramé between tension ropes and cloth. We have world's largest collection of traditional hammocks available and can cater for everyones needs and desires.
Hanging chairs

Our hammock hanging chairs are traditional South American and come in a wide range of colours and styles. Top of the range are our new XXL Rocker hammocks made of Sunbrella. This hi-tech material feels like cotton, but is water and mold resistant and can therefor hang outside all year long. Ofcourse our range of cotton hanging chairs are also very suitable for garden and home use. Within our huge collection you will find hanging chairs that will fit in any interior or garden design.

We stock a large range of hammock and hanging chair stands. From our foldable hammock stands for travel hammocks up to luxurious stands made of andozied aluminium and stainless steel.

Mosquito Nets

Our Mosquito nets are available for all bed sizes and many designs are always on stock. We have mosquito nets made of cotton and syntetic materials.